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Erin de Sousa

Erin is the founder and current President of the Burnaby Bears Field Hockey Club. She grew up playing field hockey in Burnaby and has been coaching and volunteering in the community since 2007. Erin is an FIH ranked Canadian umpire, plays in the VWFHA Premier Division with the Meralomas Club, and is an alumni of the UBC Thunderbirds Women’s Field Hockey program.

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Sade Alexis

Sade grew up playing field hockey in Burnaby, becoming a coach herself in 2013. She has played recreationally and competitively for over ten years, including FHBC Southeast High Performance teams as well as Team BC. Sade is currently a student at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design - she generously donated her skills to creating our club logo.

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Sydney Shortt

Sydney grew up playing field hockey in Calgary, representing Team Alberta in her youth and presently as an adult. After being accepted to Simon Fraser University’s Engineering program, she moved to BC and began playing with the SFU field hockey club team. Sydney has been an enthusiastic coach and volunteer with the Burnaby Bears since 2017.

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Andrea Richter

Andrea has been playing field hockey since she was 10 years old, and has developed a love and passion for the sport. When she experienced a shoulder injury that temporarily prevented her from playing in 2017, she immediately jumped in to coaching and has been doing so ever since. Andrea is the current Junior Captain responsible for representing and mentoring the youth in our community.

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Mika Melles

Mika has been playing field hockey in Burnaby since 2012 and is a member of the FHBC Southeast High Performance team in addition to being named to Team BC in 2018. This is Mika’s second year coaching and she is already making a difference with her field hockey knowledge, professionalism and love of the game.

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Chelsie Goodchild

Chelsie is the current Vice-President of the Burnaby Bears FHC. She has been playing field hockey her whole life and began coaching in the community in 2005. As a long time resident of New Westminster and a teacher at their secondary school, Chelsie is the bridge between the Burnaby and New Westminster field hockey worlds. Chelsie’s niece (seen in her photo) is our tiniest bear and number one cheerleader.

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Sophia Hoskin

Sophia has been playing field hockey in Burnaby since 2012 and is one of our most committed athletes. She plays in our Youth Programs as well as our Women’s Programs - pulling out on penalty corners is one of her specialties as you can see in her photo. This is Sophia’s first season as a coach…she is loving coaching just as much as the kids she coaches love her.

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